Can I exchange my Charity Card?

You cannot exchange your Charity Card for another tender, cash or discount.

Can I cancel my Charity Card?

No, you cannot cancel your Charity Card. Once a card has been purchased, the value of that card has been ear- marked for charitable purposes. As such you cannot cancel the card. The purchaser may have pre-selected a charity of choice if the end-user does not wish to, or does not activate the card within the year. The Place2Give Foundation grants committee will redirect any undesignated funds to an area of greatest need after a full year following the purchase of the card.

Do I get a tax receipt?

The person or company that purchases the Charity Card will receive a tax receipt for the face value of the card. Activation fees, shipping & handling and other third party fees are not included in the value of the tax receipt. A purchase confirmation and general receipt will be issued to the purchaser for the total cost of the card(s).

What charities are in your list?

The Card That Gives can direct your donation to any one of 90,000 registered charities. The database of charities is updated quarterly through the Place2Give Foundation by the CRA.

What are the fees?

At the time of order, the purchaser will be a $2.75 Activation fee which includes a 25cent/card shipping and handling fee.

At the time of disbursement to charities by the end-user a 5% donation processing fee will be charged to cover costs incurred with transferring the funds to the charities.

How long until the funds are disbursed to the charities I have chosen? How are the funds disbursed?

Place2Give Foundation disburses funds to charities every 30 days the week of the 15th of each month. Funds are disbursed by wire transfer, e-transfer, direct deposit or cheque. Every effort is made to keep costs at a minimum.

Will I be notified of the donation?

Unless you have requested to be kept anonymous, the purchaser and the end-user’s contact info will be shared with the charity that receives the funding. We strive to keep you informed about how your donation is being put to use, either by the recipient of your donation or by the Place2Give Foundation (for undesignated donations). By agreeing to use The Card That Gives you agree to receive periodic updates via email on the use of your donation from the Place2Give Foundation. At any time you can opt-out by emailing support@place2give.com.